Storyzy aims to drive out fake quotes with its database of more than 15 millions quotes by 1,500,000 people automatically extracted 7/7 from trusted news online articles.
50,000 new quotes per day

What people are saying is reported by everyone and sometimes what people are not saying also. We all are reading or hearing fake quotes, espacially on social media. With its big database of more than 15 million quotes, it's possible for anyone to find easily who said what again.

Driving out fake quotes

When a quote is authentic, people can trust it. It's the reason why on Storyzy, everyone can find what people are saying on anything and verify if what they read or hear exists or not.

Our technology

Using NLP (natural language processing) to turn text into data, we extract reported speech (the things people say) from the text of online news, along with the associated metadata (things like: the name of the speaker and where they work).

The team
Including seven computer languages

Stan Motte

Founder and manager of 3 companies in the digital news industry: 1999, 2005 and Storyzy in 2012.

Arnaud Jacolin 

Strong 10 years' experience as CFO in a multimedia-content-oriented international group.

Ramón Ruti 

11 years in international project management for multimedia content and billing platforms.

Pierre-Albert Ruquier 

Former journalist and manager in the news industry for 25 years.

Arnaud Bichet
Software architect

Amaury Delamaire
NLP engineer

Laura Delmas
NLP engineer

Asli Altinbay
Sales assistant

Anukool Dubey
Sales & marketing assistant

Nadav Bassan
Sales & marketing assistant

Nabil Rmane
Sales assistant

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