Disinformation tracking

Storyzy offers an OSINT-based SaaS platform, designed by experts, for professionals who monitor, track, and analyse online information manipulation.


Indexed sources


Disinformation sources



Quantitative measurements and qualitative assessments for in-depth and more granular analyses.


Automated, AI-based research tools allow for easier, faster, and more effective open-source research.


Thousands of categorised sources—websites, blogs, video channels, social networks,  are automatically indexed and archived, and continually added to Storyzy’s platform database. This allows users to add on to it and customize their own source lists. All in 42 languages.

CIB identification

Storyzy’s OSINT research platform offers a wide range of features that make it possible to identify evidence of CIB (Coordinated Inauthentic Behaviour).


Granular investigations are made possible, allowing the identification of clues, markers, and hard evidence of information manipulation, on websites, blogs, social media documents, but also in images and visuals.

Who are we ?

For over ten years now, Storyzy’s teams have been designing and developing tools to fight online information manipulation. Artificial and human intelligence combined are the indispensable ingredients that made it possible to build the Storyzy platform with its actual users. 

Storyzy’s clients are active in information warfare, security, defense, geopolitics, and digital communications. Day in, day out, our thirty-plus employees strive to further develop and fine-tune our platform, and in certain cases produce case-studies and reports on various issues associated with information manipulation worldwide. 

Storyzy is an independent business, and our clients are located in various countries around the world.

Where are our customers

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