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Storyzy's business is alerting brands to their presence on fake news sites. By and large, the advertising community's response is simply appalling.
F. Filloux, Senior Research Fellow at Stanford University
Storyzy, an ad-tech startup that uses AI and natural-language processing to root out fake news sites, found that in July more than 400 brands had their ads placed on websites deemed to be fake news
P. Rosenstein, Mediapost
Agence79 (groupe Havas Media) a choisi la technologie de détection automatique de sites de fake news de Storyzy pour prémunir ses campagnes digitales.
If Storyzy's automated fake news blacklist takes off then it will have a positive effect. Fake news sites will be starved of ad revenues which will eventually kill them off.
S. Bowden, Tech Gadget Central
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A unique automated technology based on quotes
Quote Extraction
Storyzy automatically extracts 50,000+ quotes every day from news articles.
Similar Quotes Identification
Quotes are used to find links between sites to categorize in real-time the unknown ones as trusted or untrusted.
Real-Time Detection
Each time an ad platform submits a URL, Storyzy states if it's suspicious or not in real-time.
of consumers change how they think about a brand advertising near objectionable content - "How Brands Annoy Fans" (June 2017)
of consumers would defect from brands with advertising near objectionable content - "How Brands Annoy Fans" (June 2017)
improvement in eCPA results when using additional brand safety tools - Goodway Group study (June 2017)
of programmatic advertisers will blacklist fake news publishers - BrightRoll from Yahoo! (May 2017)
of advertisers will reduce spend with programmatic partners associating brands with fake news - BrightRoll from Yahoo! (May 2017)
Who is Storyzy?
Storyzy is a 4 year old Start-Up developing Natural Language Processing to automate news verification. Our technology is based on quotes extraction that allows the identification of similar editorial lines and points of views between sites, something that is unachieveable by keywords.
How can I trust your solution?
Storyzy's team of NLP engineers and seasoned journalism experts has been working on automated fact-checking for 5 years.
What are your responsibilities?
Why don't you propose a free trial?
A partial blacklist isn't sufficient to block your ads on every fake news website. It's the reason why we consider that only the whole paid list should be used. Nevertheless you can ask for a sample of the blacklist.
What is the difference between the Storyzy blacklist and those I can find online?
Most of the public lists available are made by volunteers and are therefore not updated continuously like ours. Additionally, they are not tailored to advertising usage.
What kind of sites do you consider as fake news?
Globally all sites that are misleading people. By fake news we mean news articles that are intentionally and verifiably false. Storyzy's blacklist also includes sites that are spreading rumors, conspiracy theories, recurrent reporting mistakes, pseudoscience, propaganda, hoaxes.

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