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Jonas Heggdal
Drones Plus

We expect to see real estate people, the film industry, agriculture, roof inspectors and others using drones. … It's going to be a really big market. He's excited by the new rules.

Chris Anderson

Now it's estimated that more than 600,000 drones will be sold in the remainder of the year because of the liberalization under the new regulations.

Dave Guerrero

"They (drones) can still help us out" by being the eyes, for example, in environmental assessments or geographically specific assessments of transmission lines.

Gus Calderon
Federal Aviation Administration

The idea that someone can start a business using drones and not be required to prove flying competence "is almost insane".

Michael Huerta
Federal Aviation Administration

The FAA was working on rules regulating drones that fly over groups of people and out of their operators' sight.


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